Atlanta Body Sculpting

What is body sculpting? You can get the figure you want – but not with diet and exercise alone. Are you someone who cares about appearance – but can’t seem to get rid of these?

  • Tummy rolls
  • Saddlebags
  • Jiggly thighs
  • Fat despots on the hips
  • Doughy knees
  • Loose skin around the neck
  • Chin wattle

Nearly everyone has problem areas somewhere, no matter how fit they are. Patients of weight loss surgery can also be troubled by remaining folds of fat. Body contouring or body sculpting, in the form of liposuction or liposculpture, is your best defense. Find out if Georgia body sculpting performed by our expert physicians in the clean, welcoming office environment of Hogan Liposuction Center might be right for you.

Who should consider Atlanta body sculpting?

Body sculpting, also called body contouring, is ideal for patients who are at or close to their ideal weight – that is, those who do not have very large amounts of weight to lose – but are bothered by deposits of fat and flab that won’t go away with diet and exercise. Georgia body contouring provides you with state-of-the-art techniques for ridding your body of excess fat and revealing the smooth, contoured, muscular shape that lies beneath.

Body sculpting or contouring has the added advantage of a faster, less painful recovery than traditional liposuction or body contouring procedures. Reach your goal and get the body you want quickly, comfortably and effectively.

Atlanta Body Sculpting Procedures

At Hogan Liposuction Center in Atlanta, physicians and staff are highly trained in the best and newest body contouring techniques, including SmartLipo.

SmartLipo MPX– Laser Assisted Lipolysis

SmartlipoSmartlipo laser liposuction, also called laser lipolysis, is among the most popular cosmetic procedures available today. The technique uses highly focused laser energy directed to target areas – such as the chin, arms, neck, thighs and abdomen -- to dissolve fat. Smart Lipo is a minimally invasive technique that requires no major incisions. Smartlipo features a much faster recovery than what is typical for traditional liposuction.

For more on Smartlipo MPX, please visit our Smartlipo page.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is the more traditional form of liposuction. It involves the injection of a larger amount of fluid, which makes the removal of fat via suctioning much easier. Included in the fluid are medications that reduce discomfort and potential bleeding.

VASER Hi Def™ Ultrasonic Liposuction

VaserVASER Liposuction is a patented technology that deploys ultrasound energy to target fat cells without harming surrounding nerves, blood vessels or other tissue. Its advantages include rapid healing, minimal downtime and exemplary results: a smooth, contoured line replacing fatty or flabby deposits. VASER® Hi Def™ Ultrasonic Liposuction is a body contouring approach that can be used by itself or in conjunction with Smartlipo®.

Are you ready for the final step toward getting the body you want? If so, body contouring can take you there. Patients in metropolitan Atlanta or any of the surrounding communities should call today to schedule a free consultation.

Smartlipo is a registered trademark of Cynosure, Inc. (Westford, MA)
VASER® and LipoSelection® are registered trademarks of Sound Surgical Technologies (Louisville, CO)

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